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For tea-drinkers who are interested in optimizing their health and increasing their blood-flow, there are few better options than Ginkgo leaf tea, from the American Ginkgo biloba plant. As a supplement, this is a very popular option that is scientifically proven to enhance one’s health on a number of levels. Although it can be consumed in supplemental form, or as a thick tonic, the tea form is one of the most popular methods of consumption, as the flavor is unique but tasteful, especially with honey sweetener. Ginkgo is a great way of further optimizing a natural health regiment.

Ginkgo leaf tea is a plant that enhances blood circulation. Therefore, it has implications with everything from treating diabetes, lessening aches and pains from poor blood circulation, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, improving memory, treating disorders like ADD, and even Alzheimer’s. Scientists have even implicated Ginkgo biloba as a treatment for people with mental health disorders; this includes depression, mood swings, and panic attacks. Given these many beneficial properties, it’s no wonder that Ginkgo remains a popular choice among those seeking expanded levels of both mental and physical health. As for the treatment of sexual disorders, the improved blood circulation has made some consider Ginkgo to be a sort of natural Viagra.

Many health food stores sell raw Ginkgo leaf. It’s therefore easy to make the tea through buying and crushing the herb, then adding it to a tea strainer and inserting it into boiled water for about 4-5 minutes of steeping. The tea is somewhat ‘woody’ tasting, and may appear to be a yellow color. Add honey to enhance the flavor. Alternatively, you can buy Ginkgo through a trusted tea supplier, like Buddha Teas. Experts recommend drinking 2-3 cups of the tea daily in order to experience the full benefits of the supplement. Although, as with any supplement, you may want to speak to your doctor first before making it into a rigorous part of your diet.

Ginkgo leaf tea may also be part of a detoxification or cleansing diet. Ginkgo is sometimes added among ingredients for colon cleansing mixtures, and studies have shown that Ginkgo has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to reduce high blood pressure, which can contribute to the accumulation of toxins within the body, as well as stress. Speak to a nutritionist or natural health expert, and a doctor, to see if introducing Ginkgo biloba into your diet is the right choice.

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